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What are Shrpa adventures?

Share the gems of your community. Help people discover what is great about your favorite businesses and attractions around you through purpose-built itineraries that make it easy to share and experience!

Share the best places to hike with people and tell everyone why it is outstanding.

Help other parents make the most of a free afternoon with their kids!

Have a cool hangout spot with your friends? Share what makes for the best atmosphere.

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Everyone experiences their communities in a different way, show people how you like to experience yours!

How do I get started?

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What do you need to do?

Create an interesting experience that others would enjoy!

  • Include multiple locations or stops (more than one but not more than a day’s worth)
  • Provide useful details about the adventures (Ex. Things to bring, timeframe)
  • Set the travelers expectation (Ex. Who is this trip for?)
  • Have fun!

Where is Shrpa available?

Shrpa works for any community, large or small.

We’re currently focusing on southeast Minnesota but we plan to expand in the near future.

If you want shrpa to come to your community let us know!

Why become a sherpa?

sherpas are the key to creating an inclusive and inspiring list of adventures. This diverse group of creators come from many different backgrounds and create content for a vast array of reasons.

Some of the top reasons include:

  • Community Pride - Highlight the unique personality your community offers
  • Building a Tribe - People that are looking to connect with an engaged subset of travelers looking for someone they can trust to show them more about cuisine, art, outdoor entertainment, etc. The list is endless and so are the people you can connect with.
  • Shared Mission - Whether you are a EDA or DMO, being able to share the highlights in your local community is a mission we share
  • Sharing Interests - Show the other community members what you like to experience in your community while finding what others enjoy