Healthy Saturday Morning


What to Bring

Proper Footwear
Bug Spray
Few Hours
< 10 Miles
2 Stops

Morning people rejoice! This experience is built for you if you're feeling up to it. There are some hidden gems in Rochester to feed your inner health nut. You'll be hiking in the oasis in the city, Indian Heights Park, and stopping for a healthy smoothie at Tonic Juice bar. If this isn't your typical Saturday morning, don't fret, it's not mine either! If you're willing to try something new and step out of your comfort zone to dabble in some healthy weekend activities, this is the experience for you.

What to Expect

Minnesota summers are a coveted thing so let's make the most of them while we can. Take a trip to the NW side of Rochester where you'll find a mini nature preserve filled with cute critters and the space to really stretch your legs out. After you work up your attitude, you'll quench that thirst with fresh and organic ingredients at a local juice bar.


  • Indian Heights Park
  • Tonic Juice Bar

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