Evening Out!


What to Bring

Credit Card
Few Hours
> 10 Miles
3 Stops

What to Expect

Grab a local beer from Trout City Brewing and enjoy the conversation. Head to Estelle's for dinner where Matt is sure to have great, unique specials for the day. Don't go before 5 pm or the specials won't be available yet. Then stroll over to Harmony Spirits for a night cap. They make fabulous seasonal drinks as well as your typical distillery drinks.


  • Trout City Brewing
  • Estelle's Eatery & Bar
  • Harmony Spirits

Save for Later

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The way to my heart is food. I love having to drive somewhere and finding a hole in the wall restaurant that is amazing! I am food motivated so if you need my help, involve food. I have a dog who forces me to go exploring and I have the innate desire to travel. If money didn't matter, I would love to plan unique trips and experiences for everyone! And all these experience come from hidden research and my own personal travels!

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