Bluff Country Beverages


What to Bring

Designated driver
Full tank of gas
Full Day
> 10 Miles
3 Stops

Explore the Libations of South Eastern Minnesota Bluff Country with the full spectrum of adult beverages - Wine, Cider, Beer, and Whiskey! A Designated Driver is a must on this trip, unless you just plan to take very small samples and bring something back home with you. Works best on a Saturday but can also do a Thursday or Friday if you are up for a later night!

What to Expect

There's a fair amount of miles on this trip, but they are all super scenic. If you happen to be heading back to Rochester from Spring Grove your GPS will likely take you back along Highway 52, but a great alternative is to turn North on MN-43 at Mabel and head to Rushford. Bring a DD, or just buy samples to bring back with you, and be sure to check hours as especially the distillery has limited ones. But it's worth it!


  • Four Daughters Vineyard & Winery
  • Karst Brewing
  • RockFilter Distillery

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